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Why I love Ayurveda

Ayurvedic science is full of natural wisdom, it brings the bodily systems back into balance in such a beautiful way, and demonstrates an intelligence and understanding of the body I've never really seen before. The way Ayurveda encourages us to work alongside the rhythms of nature, the seasons and our own inner knowing makes total sense to me.

Here's just a few more reasons why I love it...

• It's stood the test of time; as the oldest medical healing science, the fact that it is still around and still healing people says it all

• It works on building a strong digestion; it doesn't matter how 'healthy' your diet may be, if you can't digest and absorb foods correctly, its not going to nourish bodily tissues to their full potential, leading to an accumulation of toxins

• Ayurveda works on both preventative and curative approaches, reducing the chances of future health issues

• Its not a fad diet or a 'one-size-fits-all' approach like many diet and lifestyle regimens. Nor does it involve calorie counting, RDA's or 'sinful' foods. Simply foods which are right for you as a unique being 😊

• You can integrate it little by little into every day life, so certain daily rituals will become as automatic as brushing your teeth. This way it has lasting results and you're less likely to forget

• It works on observational and practical evidence of healing the human body over the course of thousands of years. It hasn't really changed much because it hasn't really needed to, that's gotta say something, right?!

• Doesn't discriminate against any other modality of medicine, complimentary therapies, religious beliefs etc. In fact, it works perfectly alongside them

• Adaptable with any dietary choices (meat-eater, pescatarian, vegan etc)

• You can incorporate it at any stage and every age of your life

• It offers health and dietary advice to last a lifetime

• Balancing your weight with Ayurveda doesn't involve starving yourself, and exercise is suggested as per your body type and current status, so as not to cause further imbalances

• It's simplistic and doesn't cost the earth to apply Ayurvedic wisdom to your life, you'll soon notice positive results inside and out, and it all starts in your kitchen cupboards

• Above all...It just makes sense!

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