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Chai Spiced Carrot Cake

Anyone associated with me knows full well how I've always loved to bake! Loooong before I became a holistic therapist, I completed a catering course at Cornwall College, pastry being my favourite module. My passion for making delicious cakes also turned into my job for a while, but it's now nice to make them for my family and friends. All my recipes are my own creation, so if shared please give us a mention. Thank you!

I personally find baking extremely therapeutic, it's almost a form of meditation for me. I'm constantly experimenting with new recipes, seeing what works and what doesn't. So give my recipe a go, and notice how the immersion of culinary creativity can be a mind soother and mood well as keeping your belly happy too.

This cake requires no eggs and doesn't contain too much sugar either compared to shop bought varieties. It is gently spiced with some of Ayurveda's favourite spices. It is also totally vegan depending on your choice of milk and frosting. You can top with any icing you choose. I've opted for the classic vegan cream cheese frosting, my husband prefers his with custard, or its delicious enough to simply have it on its own with a cuppa.

Dry ingredients:

• 300g SRF

• 15g baking powder

• 100g coconut or demerara sugar

• Handful of oats

• 2 tspn cinnamon

• 1 tspn ginger

• 1/2 tspn turmeric

Other ingredients:

• 180g grated carrots

• 100g sultanas or mixed fruit

Wet ingredients:

• 125ml vegetable or sunflower oil

• 175ml plant milk of choice


• Combine all dry ingredients together.

• Fold in grated carrots and sultanas.

• Gently and slowly fold in the wet ingredients**

• Place into 8" square or 7" round tin in a preheated 180 degree (gas 4) oven for approx 50mins (depending on your oven as they all differ) or until you have a clean skewer.

• Cool. Cut. Eat.

** Tip: DO NOT OVER MIX. This will lead to a heavy bake.

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