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The Wonders of the Kansa Wand

'Kansa' is a Sanskrit word for bronze. It is a metal alloy of copper and tin, and is considered in Ayurveda as a healing metal. This alloy is also commonly used to make gongs and singing bowls. This beautifully crafted hand-held wooden facial tool predates the gua shas and rose quartz rollers. It is definitely my personal go-to for facial massage, which is why I chose to use it in my holistic facial ritual treatment (for more details please see the 'Massage + Treatments' section on my website).

The tension released around the forehead and face as the kansa wand drifts across feels truly amazing; it’s like a mini facial workout with instant results. I love the way it glides over the skin without any drag or discomfort, and the kansa metal feels cool at the start, but soon transforms to a gentle warmth from the heat of the skin. giving an overall sensory effect.

The benefits of the kansa wand go skin-deep and beyond, here are just a few of them:

  • Cleanses and detoxifies impurities in the skin

  • Relieves tension in the jaw, browline and muscles of the forehead

  • Calms the emotions, soothes the senses and de-stresses the mind

  • The increased blood circulation is great for revitalizing the complexion

  • Promotes good skin health, leaving the skin glowing, soft and radiant

  • Massaging the marma points with kansa encourages lymphatic drainage

  • Known to reduce puffiness, inflammation and acidity in the skin

  • The metal blend the kansa is alkaline, so is known to restore the pH balance of the skin

So make sure you pop a kansa wand on your next birthday wish list! Or better still, book in with me to feel the soothing results of the Kansa Wand Facial Ritual. See website for more details.

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