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What my wonderful clients say

"Samantha was absolutely brilliant. She has a lovely, warm and open manner about her, which made it easy to answer the questions and share some very personal information. After the consultation, I felt very tired, but as if I had felt listened to, in a safe space. Samantha was very reassuring about being realistic with what to implement. I ordered some of the recommended products from my therapy plan and I have noticed that my skin is clearer and smoother. I highly recommend Samantha as an Ayurveda Consultant, 5 stars".


"I have been a client of Samantha's for over 2yrs, and would not hesitate to recommend her. Her knowledge of her craft is exceptional and her professionalism is beyond measure. I am sure my wellbeing has improved so much since I started as a client."


"I feel great, much more confident about what to eat and when to eat it. I must say, because of your plan, I realise that Ayurveda works! I have followed your instruction as far as practicable. My joints and nerves are feeling supple and protected and my gut is calm - I don't feel like I'm missing out on any foods. I am focussed and happy, yet not fussy or anxious”.






“I found the consultation with you really interesting and informative. The therapy plan was brilliant! Very in-depth and took everything into consideration. This has all really made me think about what I need to change to make small improvements in my wellbeing and I am a lot more careful with my decisions about what I eat and put in my body now. The hot water in the morning - my favourite one! So easy and simple and it has really helped my digestive system. It sets you up for the rest of the day. I have made changes and made some lovely dishes using the suggested spices which I have really enjoyed. So far, so good! I've also started some of the yoga and try to practise this most days”.


"After having a wonderful consultation with Samantha, I am very excited to begin my Ayurvedic journey. She is a fountain of knowledge and interesting facts about Ayurveda, and happily explained any areas I was uncertain of. I have received my therapy plan which is very in depth and easy to read, with the suggestions of meals very helpful.    I am now in the process of stocking up some store cupboard items and will be chatting to Sam regarding some of the herbs she has suggested so I may understand more about them. I really like the wholesome approach of balancing mind, body and soul.   I have begun with the tongue scraping and drinking of warm water daily first thing in the morning, which has now become my daily ritual, and I cannot imagine starting the day any other way.  I have definitely noticed I have reduced stomach cramps.  I also have been adding cinnamon and/or cardamom pods to my coffee, which is really enjoyable.  I have also been cutting back on coffee and replacing my morning drink sometimes with warm coconut milk, and the above spices".  


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