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Soaked Almonds

The warm, sweet post-digestive qualities of soaked, peeled almonds have bountiful benefits for all the tissues of the body. Soaking these little jewels overnight and peeling them in the morning is most definitely worth the effort. I almost see removing the skins as a form of meditation.

Why do it??

Well they're a heck of a lot easier for your body to digest for a start. Soaking them also reduces acidity and bitterness, contained mainly in the skins (which you'll notice from the colour of the water after soaking them). These tannins inhibit nutrient absorption so are best removed. This also allows the almonds to release their wonderful nutrients fully.

How do I do it??

Simply place a few (around 5 per person) almonds in a bowl and cover with cool water. Leave overnight. In the morning rinse off the bitter liquid and peel*. You can have these first thing alongside your hot water (like I do), snack on them throughout the day or use in smoothies or turmeric milk for an added nutrient boost.

*TIP: After soaking and rinsing, I add hot water for a few minutes, they peel and 'pop' out of skins easier this way.


  • Jam-packed full of Vit E, proteins, dietary fibre, zinc, manganese, omega-3 fatty acids and many more powerful nutrients.

  • Release enzymes (lipase) which in turn aid fat digestion.

  • Strengthens nerve and muscle tissue.

  • Nourishes your skin from the inside out so they're renowned for their anti-aging properties.

  • Increased memory function.

  • The grounding, earthing effect promotes a peaceful, healthy mind.

  • Curbs your appetite, so this leads to less snacking.

  • Encourages regular, healthy elimination.

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