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Ayurveda: Summertime

As we approach Pitta time of the year, here are a few Ayurvedic tips to move forward with the seasonal changes of hotter, dryer, longer days ahead:


Opt for sweet, bitter and astringent foods; sweet fruits*, natural sugars, leafy greens, avocado, dates, asparagus, courgette, coconut, basmati rice, cumin, fennel, cardamom, coriander, mint, saffron.

* Make sure to always eat fruits on their own, avoid mixing with any other foods to support optimal digestion and reduce the chance of future imbalances in the body.

Avoid or limit intake of sour, salty and spicy foods; capsicum, aubergine, tomatoes, raw onions, mushrooms, radish, chilli, pepper, raw garlic.


Our agni (digestive fire) naturally tends to burn lower and slower in summertime so as not to overheat our system, so try to avoid dousing the flame with excessively icy-cold drinks. Opt for cooling room temperature beverages instead.


As pitta is at it’s highest this time of year and also around the hours of 10am -2pm, exercise either early morning or early evening as the sun is going down to avoid drying out the body and overheating the joints.


Rosewater is a beautiful way to cool the senses and reduce excess heat in the body. Here’s a few ways to use it;

• Spray a little over the face and neck on hot summer days to reduce dryness

• Apply cotton pads soaked in rosewater over the eyes and allow yourself ten minutes to chill

• Make a rose water lemonade – mix a little jaggery, a squeeze of lemon juice, splash of rosewater, top up with sparkling water (room temperature), finish with a couple of sprigs of fresh mint and sip in the shade.


Longer days mean our energy will be stretched to the max. Though summer brings with it the quality of vitality, it may also turn to burnout if adequate rest is not taken.


Choose cooling yoga sequences and breathwork like moon salutations and sheetali pranayama.


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