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Rose Pistachio Laddus

Sweet treat anyone?? 🏺 This is my version of a popular Indian celebration sweet known as laddu/laddoo, traditionally given as offerings at weddings and festivities. These delicious spherical treats of goodness are a great alternative when you crave something sweet. They're full of 'sattvic' ingredients, prompting calmness and clarity, alongside healthy fats, proteins and spices. Great for warming both your digestive fire and your soul... Enjoy 💛 ___________________________ ROSE + PISTACHIO LADDUS 🎊 Yield: 14 (size dependant) 35g ground almonds 50g dessicated coconut Half tspn dried rose petals Half tspn ground ginger Half tspn ground cinnamon Half tspn ground cardamom 20g (small handful) soaked pistachios 6 dates (pre-soaked for half hour) 1tspn rose water 20g coconut oil, slightly melted 20g ghee, slightly melted • Blitz almonds, coconut, spices and rose petals until ever-so-slightly ground together • Next, add the pistachios and blitz again until fine • Add the dates, blitz once more • Then incorporate the coconut oil, ghee and rose water into the processor, scraping down the sides as and when needed • Roll into balls; if mixture is too soft to roll into balls straight away, place in fridge until ready • Coat the balls with ground nuts, coconut or seeds • Refrigerate until ready to eat. I prefer taking mine out of the fridge 10 minutes prior to eating them 😋 • Will keep refrigerated for up to a week...though I doubt they'll last that long! Let's celebrate life...and these delicious laddus 🏺 __________________________ #laddus #laddoos #spices #rose #pistachios #spicesofinstagram #sweetrreats #celebratelife #celebratetheweekend #ayurveda #sattvic #treatyourself #alittleofwhatyoufancy #festivalfood


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