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Masala Chai recipe

Masala means 'mix of spices', and Chai means 'tea'.

…So, when we ask for a 'chai tea', really we're asking for a 'tea tea' 😂. It catches me out all the time!

This is so delicious, brimming with aromas of the most amazing spices guaranteed to soothe the soul, lift your spirits and make the sun shine in your belly. It also offers a range of therapeutic effects:

• Kick-starts a snoozy digestion

• Warms the entire system

• Anti-inflammatory

• Mood booster

• Increases circulation

A few people have enquired how I make Masala Chai recently. I drink this every day and is without doubt my absolute favourite hot beverage. There's no specific recipe for this, so you'll find many variations. Traditional masala chai tends to include cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and peppercorns, but it all depends on where you are and who's making it.

The ratio of spices and milk are just a guideline, so please adjust to your own liking. Once you've made it a few times you'll know what works best for your taste buds. I don't generally take my tea strong, so you may wish to pop the black tea in earlier if you prefer it this way. This will make a few small cups to sip on through the day.


  • Pint of water

  • Third pint of milk

  • Half inch grated or sliced fresh ginger

  • Half cinnamon stick (or quarter tspn ground)

  • 5 lightly crushed cardamom pods (or quarter tspn ground)

  • 4 whole cloves

  • Few peppercorns

  • Tspn black tea (Assam) or 1 teabag


Add the spices to the water in a pan. Bring to boil, reduce heat, and gently simmer for 10mins, longer if you have time as this infuses the spices a little more. Add tea, then the milk and heat through until desired tea strength. Strain, sweeten and serve. Perfect with a sweet treat or simply delicious on its own.

Additional spices you may wish to experiment with...




Fennel seeds

Star anise


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